Find new clients with a blog

A blog is an absolute must for the website of any small business. Here’s why.

Blogs are a cheap and amazingly effective way of generating traffic to your website. This means that if you have a blog which you update regularly, people are a lot more likely to discover your website online. Why this is the case has a lot to do with a buzzword you may have heard: SEO - search engine optimisation.

Your Blog does wonders for SEO

The reason why everybody is talking about search engine optimisation is very simple. When you google something, you probably don’t go to page 5 to search for good results. You’re also not looking on page 2… you’re probably not even going to scroll further down than the first 5 results. This means that if you want to be seen on Google, you want to rank as highly as possible. Search engine optimisation means that you do certain things to your website which make it rank higher on Google (which, let’s be honest, is the search engine we’re talking about here). The higher your website ranks, the more likely it is to be found by people. And as it turns out, blogs are a great way to help your site rank higher.

Google’s algorithms prefer websites which are updated regularly and have a lot of indexed pages. Simply put, the more pages your website has, the higher it will rank on Google. But there are only so many pages your website needs. You don’t want to fill your website with random pages because it would confuse visitors. A blog is the perfect solution to this problem. It allows you to regularly add relevant content to your website without making it confusing.

A blog helps you find new clients

With a blog you can also directly target keywords your audience will be searching for online. What does that mean and how is it useful for your business? Let’s say you are an accountant and want people to find your website. Ask yourself what kind of information your clients will be searching for online. Probably something like “What counts as a legitimate business cost” or “When do I need to charge VAT”. You as an expert can now answer these questions in your blog posts. In doing so, you will inevitably use many keywords which Google categorises as relevant to your client’s question. And the next time someone is searching for tips on charging VAT, they may find your blog post - and of course you and your website.

Gain your clients' trust with good content

Put yourself into your potential client’s shoes again. He or she had a problem with doing their tax return and looked for a solution online. They found your blog post, read it and found it incredibly helpful. And so they go on to check out your website to see who’s just helped them with their problem. So, without ever having met or talked to them, you’ve just gained their trust. Maybe next time they have an issue with their taxes, they’ll remember your blog and return to it. And when it comes to more complicated questions they might ring you to book an appointment.

This shows how blogs are amazing at building up a trusting relationship with potential and real clients.

In a nutshell

Blogs are a great way of getting more people to see your website. You can build a strong and stable (as Theresa would say) relationship with your clients. And the best thing about it: it’s completely free!

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