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Do you care about GDPR? Your answer might say more about you and your culture than you may think...

So, here’s an exciting thing: GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulations by the European Union, which all websites aiming to do business in the EU need to comply with. Wow! Amazing! My recommendation to you is: place a massive disclaimer on your homepage where you explain to your clients that you comply with GDPR regulations. Nothing will help you sell your product like that. 100% guaranteed!

Sounds funny? Well, that’s exactly what the German software company digistore24 did. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof:

Digistore24's German website shows their GDPR certificate

Datenschutzgrundverordnung is one of those lovely German words that are a bit too long and describe something you’d normally need an entire sentence for in one word. This one translates to “dataprotectionregulations” and means GDPR in German.

Now, you might be one of digistore24’s international clients, in which case you’re probably asking yourself “Hang on a second. I checked out their website and it doesn’t say this anywhere!”. And you’re right! It only says this on their German website. In fact, their international website looks nothing like the German version.

Why would they do that?

Because Germans care about different things than their international clients.

Maybe it’s because it hasn’t been that long since a German government last became a bit too interested in people’s private lives and collected information about their families, jobs, hobbies… and what else they could get their hands on. But data protection is very important to the vast majority of Germans. People tend to be more sceptical of new technology that integrates with other programs and asks you for your credit card information. So, assuring them that their personal information is well taken care of, makes a lot of sense.

Digistore24’s way of instilling trust in their English speaking clients?

Digistore24's website says "US marketing innovation meets German engineering"

German engineering! There’s nothing quite like it, isn’t it. Everybody knows that stuff built in Germany works. BMW, Porsche, Audi, AEG. “German engineering” is like a global seal of quality and trust. “British engineering” for example just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Now, Germans know this already of course. So there’s no need to point it out to them.

And did you spot it? The little GDPR compliance note there in the bottom right corner? It’s easy to oversee, but it made the German side of you that cares about data protection happy.

This is a great example of international marketing that goes beyond just translating a website. Digistore24 created two homepages which speak to the different interests and preferences of their international audiences.

So, if you’re selling your product across the channel, find out who your clients are and what they care about. And adapt the content and design of your website accordingly. If you need some help with it, drop me a line.

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