An app for mortgage brokers

I designed the interface for an app aimed at mortgage brokers in New Zealand.
UI designer
Total Mortgages NZ

The brief

Total Mortgages are mortgage brokers based in New Zealand. They partnered with AdviceFlow to build a mobile app for mortgage brokers they work with, which allows them to easily refer clients to Total Mortgages. As a lead designer at AdviceFlow, my role was to create a structure and layout for a mobile app, the base for which was a low fidelity wireframe for desktop devices.

What I did

Total Mortgages already had a well set up style guide, which they use for their website and other branding materials. I adapted it to fit the needs of a mobile app.

One of the main things I focussed on was to create a clear navigational system, so that users can quickly learn how to interact with the app. I established a visual structure and pattern for main pages, secondary pages and popups, which stays consistent throughout the app; so users can easily anticipate the way the app will function.

Handing it over to developers

To make it as easy as possible for developers to build the app, I created a detailed style guide and component overview in Figma. It detailed different states of design elements such as buttons and input fields, system messages, colours and their use.

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