Canonium Wealth

I created a website for Canonium Wealth, a UK financial advisory and wealth management firm. I was responsible for web design and Webflow developmet.
Web design & Webflow dev
Faith Liversedge
Canonium Wealth Management

The brief

Canonium Wealth Planning are a financial advisory firm based in Essex. They worked with Faith Liversedge to establish their branding and messaging - and as such their website’s look and feel. Financial advice can often seem daunting and it was important to Canonium Wealth Planning that their websites strikes the right balance between looking professional and trustworthy, but also approachable.

From sales copy to wireframe

The base for the website’s wireframe was the raw sales copy provided by Faith’s team. I worked through the content of the site and decided how to structure each page and sections.

From branding guidelines to website design

I took the new logo and very simple branding guidelines provided by the graphic design team, and adapted them to fit the purposes of a brochure site: I slightly expanded the colour scheme and established a visual style that includes imagery, animations etc. while staying authentic to the initial branding.

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