June 2020
Client Location: Switzerland
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The Company

Communify offers training courses in the art of synergologie to individuals and businesses. In these courses you can learn to read people's body language and to apply this knowledge to improve your personal and professional life.

The Brief

Communify is based in Switzerland and offers its services to a Swiss, French, German and Austrian audience. Communicating effectively with their customers meant that the website needed to be multi lingual. It also needed to facilitate the promotion of Communify's courses and allow clients to pay online. For a coherent brand experience the design had to be in line with the company's already existing visual identity designed by Lazyleaf.

The Result

It was important to me that my client could update their courses in three languages without any issues. The content management system I set up, allows them to do exactly that. To ensure a smooth user experience on the multi lingual site, visitors can switch to whatever language they prefer at the click of a button. Additionally, I optimised the site for search engines so users can easily find it in their native language. I based the site's colour scheme of darks with white and yellow as accent colours on Communify's visual identity, and expanded the design concept to fit a website.

Working with Amelie was a real pleasure for us! She’s professional and is very talented. Whatever you have in mind, Amelie will make it come true.
Founder of Communify

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