Ultimate Meal Plans

April 2020
Client Location: Texas, USA
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The Company

With Ultimate Meal Plans, the name is in the title. Every week, members get meal plans for their diet (paleo, keto, banting, low-carb, AIP, carnivore, custom and healthy.). Additionally you receive a shopping list and easy to follow, healthy recipes to cook for you and your family.

The Brief

Ultimate Meal Plans expanded its offer and added new diets to their selection of meal plans. This meant that their old website had to be redone to include the new diets. Visitors had to be able to sign up for their offer in a simple, intuitive way. As they regularly add new recipes to their meal plans, it had to be easy to publish those on the site to keep it up to date.

The Result

Because the website is quite content heavy, it was important to me that it had an obvious structure that's easy to follow. I went for a bright, simple colour scheme with green as an accent colour to visually support the health theme of the business. The bright colours and white space give the content room to breathe so the page doesn't seem cluttered. With a custom CMS in place they can update all their content with ease.

Ultimate Meal Plans
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